Eve's Venom

Eve's Venom


Mike Jurkovic


Sample Poem

Plum Colored V-Neck

I never knew
a plum colored V-Neck
could be a traffic hazard,
but that’s my story
and I’m stuck with it.

Stray went my eye
as she walked by,
and we all know
how this shit happens.

Eight car urban pile up
like mastodons in heat.

The peasant top
gave me tragic pause.
But at least I dodged
that group of nuns
and that woman, with her shih-tzu.
I missed her!
And the kid
chasing dreams
in between parked cars?
I missed him and Rabbi Klezmer!

But her plum colored V-Neck
broke my attention,
and now, your honor,
if I may proceed…

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Mike is an outstanding editor who makes both his journalism and creative writing equally concise, readable, and always leaves you wishing the piece was longer. —David Amram, Author, Musician, Composer, Conductor
He’s the mad house jester whose jabs jolt and sting. As one poem puts it, gravity gets us all, which is as serious as it gets.  Enjoy this work, it is original and a pleasure to read. —Guy Reed, Poet, The Effort to Hold Light
Mikes vigorous love for life and language shimmers throughout. By turns ironic, intimate and inspiring, his poems are full of the words we use to shorten the distance between us. How adept he is at finding them. How enriched we feel when he shares them with us. —Irene O’Garden, Playwright, Poet, Author