Now This is the Strange Part

Now This is the Strange Part


Joe Bellacero

Sample Poem

Our First Lesson

Dressed in blue,
Formal for your coming,
From cap to paper boots,

I nuzzled your belly
Wrapped in a blanket
And your fingers clawed my ear,

Germless bits of blanket
Snagged on the stubble
of 49 hours since I’d shaved

While we stared close into
Each other’s wide eyes—
Both of us new.

And as your mother slept
We learned to learn
How to cling.

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“Joe Bellacero’s poetry is lyrical and accessible. It embodies the insights and perceptions of a man who has devoted his life to service—and by so doing gained both pleasure and wisdom. Tracing his life as a father, a husband, and a teacher, Joe reminds us of those small moments when we are touched by the presence of others.” Sondra Perl, author of On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate and Felt Sense: Writing with the Body, Professor of English, Lehman College, CUNY